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We have gathered some of the leading experts in mobile giving, mobile marketing, non-profit development and fundraising, and corporate social responsibility to expand your knowledge of deploying innovative, cause-related mobile campaigns.

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Welcome and Opening Remarks
John H. Graham IV, CAE, Chairman of the Board of Directors, BBB Mobile Giving Foundation


Jim Manis, Founder and CEO, BBB Mobile Giving Foundation

Closing out 2013 and embracing 2014 in an emerging social mobile climate.


Keynote:   Topic:  Power of Mobile Engagement and Fundraising

Mobile and online donations have received a lot of media attention, and social media is currently being touted as the solution for all funding woes (engage them and they will donate), this talk will speak to the growing success of mobile based campaigns from fundraising to banking.




Topic:  Web, Social, Mobile

This session will address the three primary marketing channels in which NPOs use today Web, Social and Mobile.  Incorporating the use of mobile technology increases participation and therefore fundraising results.  Mobile users accounted for 26 percent of Movember’s Web traffic and gave about 5 percent of the $131.1-million raised globally during its 2012 campaign. Hear about how mobile touches your online and social presence.




Charity Panel:  Topic:  Evolution of Mobile for the Social Good

Panelists: John Overy, Director Mobile Technology, Mobilization, Worldvision; Craig Oldham, VP, Digital Engagement, American Red Cross

Moderator – Peter Panepento, Vice President of the Network, Council of Foundations

This panel will address the evolving opportunities using the mobile channel for social change including the use of apps, social networking and upcoming trends for fund-development opportunities.  It’s about rethinking mobile as more than a fundraising tool but rather an engagement tool.




Topic:  Turning ads into fundraising opportunities through mobile

Michael Becker, VP Market Strategy, Somo

Turn traditional ads promoting your events into fundraising opportunities by including a message that prompts readers to text the organization to get involved and donate.  This session will address the value of mobile in advertisements including text, QR codes and video.


Lunch – Updates to Best Practices & Guidelines for mobile engagement

This session will provide insight as to the current practices associated with mobile donations.  It will address the guidelines that every nonprofit needs to know to achieve success in their text-to-give campaigns.




Case Study: NPO




Topic: Messaging Technologies and Tactics for NPO's to Stay Relevant

Tim Miller, President, SUMOTEXT
This session will address the various tactics for NPOs to incorporate into their mobile strategies including:

• LBS: Location-based services for National NPO's to associate subscribers and donations with local groups and chapters
• StarStar Numbers: Engaging constituents with Abbreviated Dial Codes (ADC's)
• MMS: The tangible and intangible benefits of leveraging multimedia messaging
• Passbook: How NPO's can get into the Mobile Wallet
• Messaging Tactics: 6 strategies the pros use to impact conversions and sustain loyalty




Case Study: NPO




Panel:  Mobile Experts

Topic: Going Mobile: Tips for Fundraisers


Panelists: Sonia Vahedian, Vice President, Operations & Carrier Compliance, MGF; Lars Hjoerne, Founder/President, Connect2Give; Lloyd Cotler, Mobile Strategist, Mobile Commons; Chantal Tode, Associate Editor, Mobile Marketer

This session will address key considerations for advancing your mobile programs.

  • Offer participants at special fundraising events the option of giving by text, or use quick response, or QR, codes to direct them to your Web sites donation page.
  • Develop e-mail campaigns that appeal to smartphone users by sending messages with links to donation pages and simple images that are easy to read on mobile devices.
  • Create campaigns that take advantage of a smartphones capabilities and the ways people view and share information on such devices.




Topic – Recruitment & Retention through Mobile

Together charities are looking to improve the recruitment and retention of supporters, while addressing the reasons behind stagnation in charitable donations. As well as finding new approaches that make giving easier, they have recognized the need to find innovative ways to strengthen the culture of giving at a systemic level.  

Mobile offers the ability to be flexible, regular text giving, where donors can opt-out in a given month if funds are low.




Closing Remarks:  Art Taylor, BBB MGF





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